Friday, March 28, 2008

My proper trip to Singapore

Ever since my sister got married and moved to Singapore, I tried to visit once a year, staying up to a month at a time if I could. Ever since Moishii conned me into going to Turkey and Greece with him, my trips to Singapore has gone from 2-4 weeks, to less than 4 days. Usually with me stopping over for a day or so.

And ever since she moved to Singapore, I have been flying with Singapore airlines and accumulated enough frequent flyer points to get a free return ticket to Singapore. Jumping on their website, I managed to book a flight on the new Airbus A380.

BIG Screen!!

Lots of legroom

The upper deck

I had deliberately booked the upper deck since the boarding time is much shorter, and the sides are only 2 seats instead of 3. The only downside of the new airbus is that the overhead compartments are TINY. Instead of 3-4 pieces of hand luggage, it barely fits 2. The good thing for people with the window seats is that there is a "wind sill" which has an extra compartment for you to store things. I don't know if the baggage space issue, and the wind sill applies to the main deck or not.

The plane food hasn't improved much though, but Singapore airline's food has always been better than the other airlines, so I can't complain too much.

Nasi Goreng

Beef goulash

My flight was delayed by almost an hour, so by the time I landed in Singapore, my Brother in law and the kids had been waiting for an hour (Even I did sms them that I would be late). We hopped into the car and went straight home. It was imperative that I get to my sister's place ASAP since I was doing another food drop. This is my sister's fridge BEFORE my 20kg of food got shoved in.

After having a quick shower and a rest, we went off to our favourite hawker centre, Chomp chomp.

Hokkien Mee - Singaporean style

Paper chicken - Chicken wrapped in paper and baked

Popiah and my unwrapped paper chicken

Sambal stingray wings

Stir fried carrot cake - Dark Soy

Satay sticks

Hokkien Char Mee - Malay style

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