Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fantastic Tex-Mex Food

The great thing about Texas being so close to Mexico, is the FANTASTIC Tex-Mex food we had. Everything was unbelieveably delicious compared to what we call "Mexican" food here. Mexican Food in Australia tastes like it came out of a jar/can/packet compared to what we had in Texas. Let me start off with Breakfast.

I'm not a cereal and toast person for breakfast. So the fact there are breakfast tacos everywhere was fantastic news to me!!! We were lucky enough to be staying and working right ontop of a fantastic Mexican restaurant AND food court. This meant we had plenty of time to try out every variety of breakfast taco they had!

Sausage, egg and cheese

Chorizo, egg and cheese

Potato, bacon, egg and cheese

Huevos ranchero wraps

Sausage, egg and cheese sandwich

All breakfast tacos, wraps and sandwiches is served with a little tub of fresh spicy salsa. The best thing to kick start your morning!

The Mexican restaurant directly below our office was Don Patron. We loved their breakfast, so we decided to try their lunch as well.

Complimentary Tortilla chips, salsa and tomatillo salsa

I love how every Mexican place you go into, the minute you sit down, they plonk a huge basket of tortilla chips infront of you. Don Patron provides 2 types of salsa. Your standard red tomato pico de gallo salsa and a green Tomatillo version. Both extremely good! I would've been happy just eating this for lunch! Actually.....there was a day where all I ate was this for lunch and dinner. (Long story)

Tortilla Soup

This bowl was massive. You can easily fit a head into the bowl. By the time my friend was full, the soup level had dropped by 2cms....

I ordered the special of the day. 1/2 pound sizzling fajita platter with charbroiled shrimp.and tortillas. What I didn't realise was that 1/2 pound was JUST THE MEAT. Not the whole dish in total! This thing was hugeeeeee! How huge? Here's a size comparison!

Red Glass is about the size of a Large Maccas coke. The plate to the left is a FULL MAIN MEAL. Compare that to my plate! Luckily I managed to palm most of this off to my friends. And even then, we only got through half of it!

Here's what my friend ordered.

Veggie Chilli Con Queso

HAHAHA Man I want to laugh just thinking about it! My friend assumed that a veggie chilli con queso was veggies, cheese in a tortilla wrap. Not a bowl of pure melted cheese lightly sprinkled with something that looked like vegetables...

Soooooo cheesey!!

Also very......oily......

I think this took my friend a week to digest.....

Despite the huge portions of food, we went back to Don Patron shortly after that. But this time we were prepared!

Another 1/2 pound sizzling fajita mixed platter

We ordered this to share amongst the 3 of us. They looked at us like we were aliens when we only ordered this one dish. But yet, the 3 of us was stuffed to the brim by the time we finished this!!! Anyway, we weren't here for the food.....


Chips to go with our JUG of margarita

Don Patron Shot

Yes.....that is a shot. And is in a tumbler. Texas size remember?

Speaking of Texas about a Texas size margarita??

Size comparison

Weeeeee! Mini fishbowl size margaritas! This was at Cyclone Anaya's Kitchen. We deliberately went there for their fishbowl margaritas!

More tortilla chips!

Botanas Mixtas

Grilled shrimp sautéed in a lemon garlic sauce, beef quesadillas served with guacamole, sour cream and pico de gallo and chicken breast strips with spicy barbeque dipping sauce.

Crispy beef taco, homemade tamale, beef enchilada,guacamole, Mexican rice and beans

Lobster Enchiladas

Two lobster filled enchiladas with white Mexican cheese topped with special chardonnay cream sauce and roasted pine nuts. Served with Mexican rice and beans.

Carolina's mixed grill

Beef fajitas, baby back ribs and three camarones a la parrilla served with shredded cheese, guacamole, pico de gallo, sour cream, Mexican rice, beans and tortillas. When this was put infront of me, my jaw dropped. And that was before I realised an entire STEAK under my rack of ribs! Luckily, 2 of my friends decided to share the Lobster Enchiladas, so I was able to palm of heaps of food to them.

The meal came with either refried beans or charred beans. I opted to try the charred beans.

This was really nice. Almost like a light baked bean soup with extra herbs in it. This beats refried beans any day!

Despite finishing an entire fishbowl margarita, our local friend insisted on making us try some high end liquor. He just couldn't live with watching us drink cheap liquor!

Patron shot

This is actually tequila. After the last xmas, the smell of tequila actually makes me gag. This, however, was amazingly smooth. It doesn't taste anything like tequila!

Belvedere shot

I've never been able to drink Vodka straight. Even if I take it like a shot it makes me feel quesy. This shot however, was smooth and velvety. I could be drinking this all night! Except one Texas size shot is about 2.5 normal shots. Which means.....I effectively had 5 shots of spirits AND a fishbowl margarita....

Of course, I can be quite a slow learner. Which is why we went to El Patio when we found out about the BLUE margaritas!!!

Mahi Mahi fish tacos

I was so glad I got this. It was the smallest meal out of everything we ordered! hahaha AND it tasted great. I wish they had deep fried the fish for a bit of extra crunch though!

Mixed fajita/enchilada platter of some sort

Chicken fried chicken

Rack of baby back ribs

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