Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hotel Food

One of the great things about a business trip is that its all expenses paid! Woohoo!! And I did something I've never done before. Order room service! hehehe Well, I have ordered room service before, but never on my own bill! This was a great opportunity to lie in bed eating on the spare time I had off. Plus, anything I order earns me extra bonus points with Hilton! (I just got my statement and I am now a Gold VIP Member!).

Spicy shrimp and angel hair pasta

For some reason, they gave me 4 breadrolls to go with my pasta. FOUR! *SiGH* I gotta keep remembering Texas Size!

Wagyu beef burger


Surprisingly, this was one of the better burgers I had in Houston. Really juicy and flavoursome beef patty with minimal toppings to distract you from that flavour! MmMMmm

Tricolour tortellini with shrimp and andouille

Bagel and Lox for breakkie

I'm not a huge fan of Lox. I much prefer the taste and texture of smoked salmon instead. (For those who don't know the different, Lox is cured, usually with salt. This is different to smoked salmon).

Buffalo wings

Pulled pork sandwich

This pulled pork sandwich I had was terrible! Incredibly salty from the excess BBQ sauce they used. I woke up at 3am in the morning gasping for water as I was sooooo dehydrated!

BLT with sweet potato "fries"

They were really generous with the bacon. This was a nice change from the usual BLT you get in Australia. The American style bacon was super crunchy and made a really nice snack when bits of them broke off! hehe Bacon chips! So good but sooo evil!


Rilsta said...

I randomly stumbled across your blog and it has been interesting to see the size of the Texas meals!! OMG they are huge!! No wonder they have such a high obesity rate.

At least you get your money's worth I guess! :)

SoRMuiJAi said...

Welcome! Yes, the food is incredible! I didn't believe it until I had to eat it! You certainly won't starve in Texas thats for sure!