Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sydney Madang and Mizuya Japanese Restaurant and Karaoke for Dessert!?

I had stupidly bought tickets to The Lovely Bones on the day of the Australian Open Mens Finals! ARGHHH!!! Luckily, the movie was supposed to end around 7:30pm, so our plan was to run to the nearest restaurant that has a TV and is also showing the Australian Open!

We met up at 4pm and was walking towards the cinemas when I suddenly spotted a sign. I was so excited I couldn't even speak, just point and went "UH!! UH!!!!!". What got me so excited? Outside Mizuya (The newly open Japanese Restaurant/Karaoke bar where Maloneys and Bar Ace used to be) had a sign outside saying "Green tea soft serve for 50c". UH!!! UH!!!!! Meanwhile, my friend wasn't paying any attention to my grunting because she was too busy checking out people walking around with a green tea soft serve in their hands!

We both detoured into Mizuyas for a bout of dessert before the movies:

Green tea soft serve

I hate "green tea" flavoured things that are more green colouring than green tea flavoured. This however, was a punch in the face GREEN TEA. The intense taste of green tea, almost slightly bitter in taste was heart stoppingly good. Even better that you can pick up a green tea anything for 50c! We were so happy with this I took a photo and MMS my friend who was supposed to join us for the movies but piked. HA!

After the movies, we dashed out of the cinemas, met up with a friend and went straight to Sydney Madang. There was a huge crowd outside, and we almost turn tailed and left. Luckily we grabbed a number because we had waited less than 10mins before we got a table, right infront of the TV.....that was showing the Australian Open! Oh yeah!! Tennis and good food at the same time!


Madang has some of the best Banchan that I've tasted in Sydney. Today's offerings were fish cakes, wongabok kimchee, choy sum kimchee, potatoes and a lovely salad with a grated apple and onion dressing. I think we has 3-4 rounds of banchan.

Seafood Pancake

Most of the time I get the kimchee pancakes, this time my friends insisted on the seafood one. And boy am I glad we ordered this. The seafood version is quite different to the kimchee version. Not only in taste, but in texture as well. Whilst the kimchee version is slightly crispy on the outside, it was soft and chewy on the inside. The seafood version however, had a wonderfully crunchy outside, almost tempura batter like. It has a much higher crunch to chewy ratio. I think its the few Korean restaurants that cook it this way. I am definitely ordering this over the Kimchee version from now on!!

Spicy Octopus, beef and tofu stew

When we order individual pots of soup, most of us stick with a seafood soup. When we order a hotpot size stew, we NEVER get a seafood stew. This is because it usually contains prawns, crabs and chunks of fish. All require you to pay attention to bones, shells and the use of hands. Most of the time we're all too lazy to wrestle the meat from the crab when there's so much other food to eat we actually leave a majority of the food untouched.

Madang has a wonderful octopus and beef stew, giving us the sweetness of seafood, without the trouble of having to eat with our hands. This pot was filled with bulgogi beef, octopus, rice cakes, udon noodles, tofu and heaps of veggies. Between the 3 of us, we barely finished this pot. I was actually sickly full after eating this as I was too busy concentrating on the game rather than listening to my stomach, that was screaming NO MORE!!

We waddle out of Madang and decided to swing past Mizuya again to introduce our friend to the green tea soft serve. We walk up to the bar and order 3 softserves and this is what happened:

Us: 3 green tea soft serves please
Him: Sorry, that offer is only available before 6:30pm.
Us: NOOoOoOoOoOoooooooOOooOoOoooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Him: *panicked look* can sell it to you, just not at the promotional price. I'll have to charge you full price
Us: *collective sigh of relief*

The full price for the soft serve is $2. A huge jump from the 50c we paid a few hours earlier. But we were all craving for a fix and coughed up the money. Honestly, I would've happily paid $2 every time if I didn't know there was a 50c special offer! Oh, the soft serve is also around for a limited time only! So go grab yourself a serve before they discontinue it! I'm hoping if its popular enough, it'll be a year long thing!

Mizuya Japanese Restaurant & Karaoke Bar
Basement, 614 George St
(Ph) 02 9266 0866

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Sydney Madang
371A Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
(Ph) 02 9264 7010

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