Sunday, January 31, 2010

Plan B By Bécasse

Tucked away in a tiny hole in the wall next to Becasse, is Plan B. Becasse's answer to casual dining. I took a now ex-colleague there as a farewell lunch. We had both ordered the wagyu beef burger with the truffle mayo for $5 more. Unfortunately they had run out of the truffle mayo so we were relegated back to a normal $10 wagyu beef burger. Oh poor us ;)

The burger may not be the prettiest, sitting on a glossy bun with mixed lettuce and a beetroot relish. The meat is chunkier than I expected, but the patty is certainly a lot thicker than most places.

The quality of the ingredient is evident with every bite. I just wished they offer chips as well!

We were still peckish afterwards and decided to see what dessert they had on offer. There was a few mini cheesecakes in the fridge and nothing else. Luckily another tray of pastries gets delivered at that exact moment! Score!


The cheesecake wasn't that impressive. Basically just another cheesecake, was still a nice dessert to wind up a meal.

Banana toffee custard pie

Sweet shortcrust pastry filled with custard, caramelised banana and toffee. This was AWESOME. I could be bold enough to say that it was even better than the burger! Too bad when I went back all the sweets were sold out, otherwise I would've stocked up!

Plan B By Bécasse
204 Clarence Street
Sydney, NSW
(Ph) 02 92833440


Simon Leong said...

i'll have to remember to look out for the banana toffee custard pie for next time. thanks for the recommendation! :-)

SoRMuiJAi said...

I've been meaning to go back to see what other desserts they had. I'm just too lazy to walk down at lunch! hehehe

Von said...

I've always wanted to try this place!How much was the pie? It looks so good.....!

SoRMuiJAi said...

There wasn't any prices for the desserts in the cabinet or the menu. I remember paying around the $10 mark for both. So I would say anywhere from $4-$6 each?