Monday, March 1, 2010

Gumshara Ramen - Eating World - Haymarket / Chinatown

Maybe I went to Chinatown too much in my young days, but I've suddenly developed this aversion to the place. I think it was a good year in between visits to Chinatown. So when Gumshara started popping up in all sorts of conversations, its taken me this long to actually get there. I guess I couldn't have picked a worse time to go try it. Hot and humid and sticky isn't the type of weather that calls for thick gelatinous Ramen soup. But hey, how often do I come out?!

Although the menu is limited, it still took me ages to decide what I want! It was actually the side dishes that confused me! In the end, I settled for the standard Tonkatsu ramen with the soft boiled seasoned eggs and a side of Gyoza.

As I stood there waiting for my Ramen, I understood why everyone raves about the place. The chef doesn't just boil ramen and dump some soup ontop. Every bowl is individually seasoned, taste tested, re-adjusted and taste tested again until the chef is happy. I can see Gordon Ramsay just clapping his hands in glee!

Tonkatsu Ramen

The broth is extremely rich and gelatinous, and every bit deserving the praise that its gotten. There's no taste of msg that plagues many Japanese restaurants around Sydney. However, it was still a bit too rich for me. Luckily they give the option for less rich and salty stocks, I might give that a go next time. The noodles had a lovely bite to it and I loved the little condiments bar they have on the sides where you can add extra sesame, pickles etc.

Seasoned soft boiled egg

I don't know if you can see from the photo, but the egg white surrounding the yolk had barely set and was still wobbling when I picked it up with my spoon. Definitely a must order!


Thin crispy gyoza skin wrapped around a soft pork filling. I don't order Gyoza often, but this was pretty good compared to what I've had before.

For a little food court stall, their ramen is OUTSTANDING. This really puts a lot of other "ramen" restaurants in Sydney to shame.

Eating World Food Court
Shop 209, 25-29 Dixon Street

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Simon Leong said...

i'm actually not a huge fan of this ramen. even though it might be more authentic or better cooked it's way too rich for me and gravy like. i thought the gyozas were pretty good too. i'd definitely ordered a watered down version if i went there again. :-)

SoRMuiJAi said...

I agree! Watered down version for sure. The normal ramen was nice, but to eat a whole bowl is just too rich for me. I normally don't eat the pickles, but I went back for seconds as I needed something to cut through the richness of the broth.

Although the technique is authentic, taste wise, I don't remember ever having a ramen that rich and thick in Japan.