Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pondok Selera Indonesian Food - Eating World Chinatown

You would probably associate a girl's night out involving getting dolled up, consuming lots of girly cocktails and plenty of gossiping. Well, the gossiping bit is right. But instead of getting all dolled up and sipping on cosmos, we all met up at Eating World in Chinatown so we can indulge in a huge steaming bowl of....oxtail soup. Strange I know, but since I've gotten the girls hooked on it, we need to indulge in a bout of oxtaily goodness every now and then.

My friend who is lucky enough to get oxtail soup made by her mum, opted for a plate of Satay sticks with Ketupat (compressed rice cakes).

Looks good, but we're here for one thing and one thing only:

Oxtail soup

Its really quite an interesting sight, to see a bunch of girls huddled around a table, gripping slippery hunks of bovine tail between their hands and tearing into them like a ravenous dog. All form of table manners go out the door when you're wrestling precious chunks of meat from a knobbly bit of bone, but boy is it worth it. Not only do you get the melt in your mouth beefy goodness, you also get the most aromatic and tasty soup to go with it. All you need is a good squeeze of lemon and maybe a bit of chilli if you should so please, and you're good to go! Slupr away baby! The dish usually comes with either rice or noodles, but we always opt for neither. This is because we generally have these oxtail sessions on a Friday night, which means.....night markets!

Hahaha that's right, we never fill up during our oxtail sessions so we can hit the night markets for some street food! The most popular will have to be the takoyaki, because nothing warms you up like a molten hot ball of takoyaki!

For the more carnivorous of us, its skewers, and lots of them. Maybe some chicken wings or salt and pepper squid. If we're still feeling cold, some fake shark fin soup to warm us up. And depending on how caught up we get with shopping, we might stop by Emperors Garden and pick up a few dozen custard puffs as well. Definitely a great girl's night out and beats trudging in high heels all night to down cosmos!

Pondok Selera Indonesian Food
Eating World Food Court
25-29 Dixon Street
Chinatown, Sydney

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