Sunday, July 20, 2008

Amy's 27th a@ Masuya, Wynyard

So it was Amy's 37th 27th birthday party. The party was at Masuya, which is literally around the corner from my work's car park. The plan was for me and Cherry to meet up earlier in the city, get trashed until Moishii comes out and let him park at my work. The plan was fairly good considering me and Cherry got smashed at the Metro before Moishii arrived. Infact, we were so trashed we started having a laughing fit when we talked about our past laughing fits.

When Moishii shows up, we continued our laughing fit over nothing. Well, Moishii had a laughing fit because he managed to rip my shirt apart to show the rest of the pub. After almost completely flashing the pub, we started hitting the drinks (after having a few shots). Eventually, Mey and a few others arrived. We had a few more drinks (Thats a lot of drinks) before heading to Masuya. Now here is where it gets a bit fuzzy. Somewhere along the way, we started having a laughing fit. A REALLY bad laughing fit. I was laughing so hard, I was crouched on the floor outside Masuyas having a fit. Next thing you know, Moishii pulls out his asthma spray and starts spraying me in the face, completely missing my mouth. And I don't even have asthma!!!

I finally calm down enough, and we get ready to go into the restaurant. We're still giggling, so I grabbed Moishii and said "Shhh...this is a sophisticated type of restaurant". Then we just lost it. We both cracked up laughing until we were crying. People walking into the restaurant thought we were completely nuts. Christine, Mey and the others, left us and went into the restaurant without us. Took as a while to compose ourselves before we could finally walk into the restaurant. Not that it stopped us giggling at the table.

The birthday girl

The drunks with Amy

It wasn't until the night was over that I realised I didn't get any photos with the birthday girl. I guess me and Moishii were too sloshed to stand up for photos. We were having a ball sitting in our own seats as well. Including stealing the strawberry garnishes off Cherry's drink:

Post garnish stealing - She didn't even notice!

Somehow during the night, we started talking about Cherry's birthday party at the Lord Roberts, and she pulls out the classic photo from the night. I just had to get a photo of the photo.

This was taken when Moishii busts into the women's toilets. Mind you, I did tell him to because I thought Cherry was going to hurl.

Somewhere along the line, we ordered a whole heap of food.

Octopus with chilli and garlic

Beef tataki



Unfortunately, none of the above was ours. Not that we were fussed, because our Sukiyaki pot came out soon after.

Beaten egg for dipping


Wagyu beef much marbling!

The waitress comes out with a blisteringly hot pan which goes on our stove. Within seconds, she had the onions and beef slizzing in the pan. Then the sauce goes in before the vegetables.

The waitress starts to load our pan to get us started for round one:

Except me and Moishii were greedy guts and decided that that wasn't enough, so we added more stuff:

This was our final cooked pot:

This was unbelievable hearty and comforting, yet so SO healthy for you. But as much as we tried, we couldn't finish the food. Luckily we had Amy there to help polish the food off (which is one of the things I miss about working with her, she eats all my junk food so I can't pig out!).

Amy helping out

Making lesbo faces at me...

Even after stuffing our faces, we still managed to find room for the white chocolate mud cake.

Happy birthday girl! Hope you had a fantastic birthday!

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