Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shanghai Nights, Ashfield - The Super post

So after my last visit to New Shanghai, I had a debate with my friend as to which restaurant is better. After much debate, the only conclusion we came to, was to go back to Shanghai Nights and try the same dishes again to do a proper comparison. Poor us, having to go taste test again ;)

Daikon radish buns

The lovely waitress at Shanghai Nights recommended that I try their daikon buns. Since the daikon is in season, they've made a new bun with grated daikon, chinese sausage and dried shrimp. I actually really really liked this bun. I think I'm so used to Shanghai buns always containing meat, that the daikon radish version is really refreshing. Although it was also very filling, we took 2 of the buns home.

Xiao Long Bao

I think these were slightly better than the New Shanghai version. Just slightly, I would've been happy to get a steamer full of these from either restaurant.

Hokkien Fried Rice

Cold windy weather calls for comforting, saucy fried rice. Mix everything together before eating. Its like the chinese version of mac and cheese in winter.

Pan fried pork buns

This was the dish that had us coming back for another taste test. I think my preference is still New Shanghai, where the buns are much lighter and fluffier, whilst these are slightly thicker. The base is also "crunchy" at Shanghai Nights whilst its "crispy" at New Shanghai. My friend still prefers the Shanghai Nights version.

Salt and pepper pork ribs

These pork ribs were super meaty and juicey. It wasn't as salty as I would've liked it, but I think if I had these on its own without all the pork buns and vinegar, my taste buds would've had a party.

Taiwanese beef noodle soup

I haven't ordered this dish in atleast 5-6 years, and it tasted almost as good as I remembered. I love the crunch of the pickled vegetables against the soft beef that's been stewing for ages.

Pork and crab roe steamed buns

Din Tai Fung was the first time I've had pork and crab roe steamed buns. I liked it, but I had nothing to compare it to. I found the ones at Shanghai Night much tastier, AND you can see the crab roe!


How perfect is this picture? The big chunky crab roe in the centre of the pork filling, sitting in a pool of juice wrapped in the thin dough. MmMMmm

Pan fried pork and coriander dumplings

I loved how the dough is just as thin on these dumplings as their other ones. The filling had a bit too much coriander for my liking (And I LOVE coriander). But once you douse it in vinegar, it balanced out really well.

So after all that taste testing, what was the conclusion? There were dishes we love from both Shanghai Nights and New Shanghai. The only way to end our argument was to agree that we'll alternate the restaurants every time we visit. The get the best of both worlds ;)

Shanghai Night
(Directly opposite Ashfield Mall)
275 Liverpool Rd
Ashfield 2131

Ph: 9798 8437


D said...

the tw beef noodle soup looks (and tastes) great ..hopefully next time I go, I'll remember my camera to blog it :)

SoRMuiJAi said...

Its quite a comforting soup yet fairly light. I'm hoping to try some chilli beef mince noodle soup I've been seeing people eat. Will report back when I get a chance to taste it ;)