Sunday, July 20, 2008

Full house and then Karaoke

Mey sent an email seeing who was up for dinner and karaoke. The karaoke didn't interest me much, but I was more than happy to try a new place. Dinner was at Full House, a Japanese/Korean restaurant opposite the Hilton. I'm glad we even made the place because MnMs offered to pick me and Cookies up, except she was late. REAL late. Yeh don't deny it Ems, YOU WERE LATE. We eventually made it to the city and parked at my work before we power walked to the restaurant, meaning we were only 30mins late.

It was great having a get together considering I haven't seen a lot of people since I started my new job. Plus we finally get to meet Gus's girl!

I was too busy talking to everyone else, but Gus reminded me to take photos of the food!

Their "famed" pumpkin soup - according to Cherry and Mey

Banchan - Bean sprouts, spinach, fish cakes and kim chee

My soft tofu seafood stew

The food wasn't bad, although the service and kitchen was a bit lacking. Although our table of 10 ordered together, some people's food came a good 30mins before other people. They just couldn't seem to get food out properly. And there was surprisingly a lot of microwaving going on in the kitchen. With that said, I enjoyed my soft tofu seafood stew. I would've liked a lot more broth in the pot though, but the tofu was sooooo nice I wasn't too fussed.

After dinner, we headed off to Karaoke World for a bit of singing. I can't remember the last time I went to Karaoke. It could have been Cherry's birthday about 5 years ago? Was it 5? Gosh, I can't even remember.....maybe thats the old age? The only way I could face karaoke again was to get "happy", with a uber big glass of wine. They're certainly generous with the wine at Karaoke world. My 2 glasses came in tumblers, which equated to 1/2 a bottle!

After karaoke, some people decided to head home, whilst the rest of us went to Passionflower for some dessert. Me and Cherry shared an ice cream combo with green tea, black sesame and sticky rice flavoured ice cream, topped with glutinous rice balls. It wasn't bad, but the thing that left a bad taste in my mouth at the end of the night was the "Sunday" surcharge they put on our bill, even though it was a Saturday night. When we questioned them about the surcharge, they said it applies to the whole weekend. No wonder they're no longer busy on the weekends.

Full House
Opp Hilton Hotel
Level 1, Shop 5, 238 Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
Phone (02) 9264 8013


MnM said...

I'm seldom late when people pick me up.. *hint, hint*

SoRMuiJAi said...

Yeh right. Maybe when you stop hanging around psycho freaks who'll probably do a silence of the lambs on me.