Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sukiyaki - The Non-DIY version

I haven't had Sukiyaki in ages. So when I had it at Masuya, I knew I wanted to make it the next day. But I was too lazy to actually have a hot pot since I didn't want to do any washing up, I decided to cook the Sukiyaki in a pot and dish it up instead.

The sukiyaki sauce was made with a dashi broth, sake, LOADS of soya sauce, sugar and mirin. No quantities here since I kept adding and adjusting the sauce until I got it right. Once I got the sauce right, I cranked up the sauce until it started bubbling. I then added the udon, potato noodle twisty things, onions, tofu, inoki mushrooms and a heap of leafy green vegetables. Once everything was almost cooked, I grabbed a heap of thinly sliced hot pot beef and submerged it into the sukiyaki sauce. I "waved" the beef around in the sauce until they came apart and started to changed colour.

Then, pull out the now soft udon that has turned slightly brown from soaking up the sauce, then the beef to stop the cooking and everything else you feel like into a bowl. Ladel over a bit of the sauce. Curl up on the sofa and enjoy.

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