Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cancer Council Daffodil Morning Tea

My new team at work are generally younger than my previous team, with a big number of them being in their first jobs since uni. So I find it surprising that a few of them actually love cooking and love talking about food as much as me! We're always talking about what new recipes we've tried, what we want to make and how to improve each other's recipes. One day I said that we should really have a bake-off considering how we're always talking about food. It so happens that our group assistant overheard our conversation, and agreed that we should have a bakeoff. I mentioned that the Cancer Council Daffodil day was coming up, and next thing you know, we have a charity bake-off!

I was originally going to make chocolate macroons, but something came up and I just didn't have the time to make it. So I opted to make rocky road instead (since most of our team loves it).

My contribution - Rocky Road

My rocky road was made with a combination of marshmallows, peanuts and honeycomb. I made it the night before and cut them up into blocks so it'll fit into my containers, but the honeycomb went a bit funny and looked like it had melted. Luckily, the inside was still incredibly light and crunchy. It just didn't look that great.

Here are some of the other things people brought in for the morning tea:

Coconut macaroons

Custard scroll thing

Another custard scroll/tart thing

Cupcakes with buttercream frosting

Strawberry creams


Chocolate coated cookies and home made anzac cookies

Caramel Slice

The spread

I took the photo of the lunch room before all the morning tea contributions had arrived. There were big bags of chips, more cupcakes and cookies. The morning tea was a real success, and we managed to raise almost $300 for charity. We've also applied to our work charity foundation to see if they'll match the donations. Oh, and ontop of all the money we made, we had soooooo much yummy food to eat, that I got a massive sugar high and sat at my desk giggling to myself for 5mins. Then the head spins kicked in. Next time, I'm going to make something savoury!

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