Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Korean Bento???

Most of my bentos have been quite simple, nice delicate flavours, a balance of flavoured and unflavoured things. Because of that, I thought it was time to spice things up. I made a special pitstop to Campsie on the weekend so I could stock up on some Korean groceries. Even though Bentos are esssentially Japanese, I don't see what I can't apply the same concept to all other types of cuisines.

I followed some of the banchan recipes posted up by The Kitchen Wench to make up the different components of a bibimbap. I couldn't believe how simple it was to make most of my favourite side dishes! This took me about 20mins to make, which wasn't too bad as I had to make all the dishes from scratch.

The bibimbap contains bean sprouts, mushrooms, spinach, bulgolgi beef, carrots and a pan fried egg in my funky star egg mould. I packed a few strawberries to clean the palate afterwards.

Most of the veggies were incredibly easy to make!

Beansprouts - blanch, drain, mix with salt and sesame oil
Spinach - blanch, rinse, drain, mix with salt and sesame oil
Carrots - Grate, saute gently with salt and pepper
Bulgolgi beef - I used a store bought marinade (absolutely amazing for a bottled marinade) and pan fried with some thinly sliced onions. I marinated the thin slices of beef for 3 hours.
Mushrooms - We had some rehydrated ones already in the fridge. I squeezed all the liquid out, sliced and pan fried in the same pan I used to cook the bulgolgi. I let it absorb some of the leftover juices and then added a dash of soya sauce.

I also bought a huge squeezey bottle of bibimbap chilli sauce and took that to work in a small container. It tasted fantastic! I can't wait to make it again.

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