Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chinese New Year Eve FEAST! Year of the Ox

I think my Mum has outdone herself this year! The poor woman has been preparing 2 days for our CNYE Feast. And to make things more difficult, my cousin insisted on buying us a Lobster to contribute towards the dinner. As nice as that was, it just meant an extra dish for my Mummy to cook. But damnnnnnnnnn it was good!!

Our $180 Lobster monster being sized up

Please don't eat me...!

But you're too delicious!

We turned the huge Lobster into a tray of Stir Fried Lobster with ginger and shallot sauce sitting on a bed of e-noodles. We made sure it was extra saucy so the noodles could soak it all up. No one ate any rice tonight, only the noodles.

2 Dozen oysters

HUGE Jumbo oysters steamed with XO sauce on a bed of vermicelli

Salmon and Tuna Sashimi

The fish mongers at the markets really took advantage of the double holiday whammy this year. Oz day and CNY meant everyone was out to get seafood. The tuna sashimi price got jacked up to $80/kg?!

Nin Nin Yow Yu - Steamed whole Barramundi with ginger and shallots

Lettuce - To Signify growth of wealth

Whole roasted duck

Ham-less and chicken roll

For a bit of a twist to celebrate CNY, we replaced the ham in a ham and chicken roll with a whole Chinese sausage.

Fat Choi Ho Soi

This was a slow braised dish of pork trotters and tongue, mushroom, black hair moss and dried oysters. This is a must have dish to signify fortune and good luck.

What's the hidden surprise?

Flipped upside down...

Another slow braised dish of Roast pork, sea cucumber, chestnuts, mushrooms, dried oyster and dried scallops.

Whole white boiled chicken

Tong Yuen - Glutinous Rice Balls in soup

Part of the feast

We couldn't actually fit all the dishes onto the lazy susan. Nor could I fit the whole thing in the photo without me having to climb onto the kitchen bench. Oh, there was one other dish which we had forgotten about until everyone was full. Total of 13 dishes! To say I was stuffed like a Turkey was an understatement!

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! May the year of the Ox bring you love, happiness, prosperity and good health!

2 comments: said...

This looks fantastic, alot more than what we had. I love the traditional dishes you had, full of flavour.

SoRMuiJAi said...

Thanks! The food was fantastic, but anything mum cooks always taste better than what you can buy! hehe