Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jazz in the Domain

One of our favourite events during the Sydney Festival is Jazz in the Domain. Since I won't be able to make it to the Symphony in the Domain this year, we went all out preparing for Jazz.

We got there nice and early and picked our usual spot away from the crowds so we can make an easy exit.

The spread!

Would you believe that this was intended to feed 2 people only???? We ended up feeding about 5-8 people with this!!

Our antipasto plate

Dried apricots, grapes, pesto, anchovie stuffed olives, semi sundried tomatoes, duck pate and Gus's first Hungarian contribution in 8 years, salami! hehe

Cheese and bacon puffs

I know they don't look puffy, but they did in the oven! This is basically a super concentrated cheese and bacon roll, without the bread! An absolute favourite of the kids!

Mediterranean puff

This tastes like all the best toppings on a pizza without the base! Heaven! The adults generally like my vegetarian version than the bacon version. Me? I love both, which is why I always make both!

Havarti, double cream brie and quince paste

Honey almonds and salted cashews

S's lovely choc orange cupcakes!

Choc dipped apples and strawberries

I have not made these in years! They certainly don't look anywhere as good as my previous batch since I made these under the influence of alcohol..... *cough* I love choc dipped strawberries, but I think I like the choc dipped green apples more. I love the contrast of the crunchy sour apples with the soft sweet chocolate. I just can't believe how much I made!

Rum Balls

I don't usually eat rum balls, but these were really nice and mild. Good work Cherry!

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