Thursday, January 22, 2009

The not so healthy bentos....

I love my Bentos and the fact that I'm bringing something home made, cheap and healthy to work. But sometimes, I like to treat myself to something a little more sinful.....

Left: Salad of cucumber, carrots, capsicum and home grown organic lettuce. I then sprinkled some chopped honey almonds ontop.
Right: Homemade wedges, seasoned with pepper, paprika and my private stash of KFC chips salt! And the other half? Thick juicy slabs of chicken schnitzel!

Top: Vegetarian curry fried rice
Bottom: Salt and vinegar chicken strips on a bed of salad with extra corn (I'm loving my corn). At the Coles in the city, they sell these salt and vinegar chicken strips freshly fried in the hot food area. I've been really good and stopped myself going there to buy them. Instead, I bought the frozen pack and oven baked it instead. Not healthy, but not as bad as freshly deep fried!

This is my ultimate comfort food! It was something I used to make after school to cure my hunger pangs, and guaranteed to satisfy every time! Instant noodles (without the soup) with oyster sauce and a dash of seasame oil. That is the most basic lunch if I can't get my hands on any other ingredients. When I can, I love to add boiled lettuce, pan fried eggs and either pan fried ham or thick slabs of spam. Not healthy by a long shot, but oh so comforting!

Edit: I just realised this looks like an abstract painting! Green fields with spam mountains. Golden white cloud with a sunny egg yolk when the sun is going to set!

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