Monday, January 5, 2009

Our Xmas feast

For the last few years, we've had a massive xmas. This year is no exception with a total of 121 presents under the tree!! That's right, 121!!! It took me a good hour to stack everything under the tree. All my years playing tetris finally paid off.

The littles ones giving me a hug to thank me for all the presents I got them!

All of my nephews and neices have figured out that I am Santa. I guess they can consider me that as I buy about half of the presents under the tree. I also hide all the presents until they're asleep xmas even before I bring them out and stack them under the tree. They love waking up and running up to the tree to see how many presents are stacked under it.

So what did I get this year? I actually got stuff I love!! Firstly, I got the new Canon 980 IS IXUS camera. 14.7 mega pixels of goodness! The new Jamie Oliver Ministry of Food cook book and a new Takoyaki pan! Woohoo!!

Oh YEahhhhhhh

My neice also used up their entire fortune of $40 to buy me a butterfly necklace. When my sister offered to give her extra money to buy the xmas present, she insisted that she wanted to pay for the whole with her own money. She also made me various jewellery boxes as well. What I didn't know was that on the day I came home with a new pair of dangly earrings from Prouds I bought for my neice, was the same day she went to Prouds to get my xmas present. She was so grateful and shocked that I bought her something from Prouds (which in her eyes, costs her entire fortune), that the next day, she dragged my sister to the nearest florist to buy me a bunch of flowers. Awwwwww!!!

Once all the presents were unwrapped, it was time to get the party started. We fired up all the BBQs, yes, BBQs. We had 3 BBQs going. One BBQ had 2 hot plates and a grill. We borrowed the specially made satay BBQ stove I got for my brother in law last year as a xmas present and I bought a mini weber like one to make my BBQ Pork.

Here are the none meat dishes:

My special tabouli

My extra light coleslaw

My sister's potato salad

Mum's singapore noodles

My bean salad that makes you go toot toot!

Dad's home made nem nuong

I couldn't get a decent shot of this as people were eating them faster than we were cooking them. The tray barely makes it to the table with people grabbing a few sticks as the tray goes past them.

Vietnamese and pork sausages

This is what happens when you let the guys man the BBQ. We also had quails, steaks, pork chops, lamb chops, chicken wings and ham and pineapple skewers. I didn't get photos of that since I was too busy eating and manning my own special BBQ. Besides, people were walking right up to the BBQ and grabbing the food straight off it!

My BBQ Pork

I bought a mini weber like BBQ with the domed lid so I could roast some BBQ Pork for the day. Lets just say, this got the double thumbs up from my parents! We basically used to make our own BBQ pork for the restaurant, so if they approve, it means its good enough to sell in a restaurant! haha

All sliced up

My secret punch

Chocolate cake ice cream sandwich

Wild Japanese Strawberries

The kids were basically raiding my strawberry plants in between bites! Although tiny, these strawberries pack and intense punch in flavour. Savour one at a time. MMmMMmmm

The rest of the day was spent playing Wii, singing Karaoke, eating leftovers, snacking and drinking. Lets just say, a few people ended up passed out on the floor and we left them there til the next morning......

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