Sunday, November 2, 2008

The bentos are back

Phew, finally caught up on a lot of my blogging. Back to bentos! Woohoo!!

Left: Kimchi soba - My sister bought over 1/2kg of homemade kimchi given to her from a friend. As much as I love kimchi, I wouldn't be able to finish it with rice. So I chopped up some kimchi and tossed them with soba. Simple yet tasty. The spinach leaves is to stop staining the lid. I also lined the container with lettuce.
Top right: Bulgolgi beef
Bottom right: Spinach and tomato salad with edamame. The little container is filled with japanese salad dressing

This was hugely inspired by TFP's french toast. After reading her posts, I couldn't stop obsessing over them! My french toast was made with eggs and milk only. Since I am cooking these the day before eating them, I used a lot less milk than I usually would, so it was much eggier than I'm used to. I also bought a mini bottle of maple syrup with me to work. Boy did I get a sugar rush after lunch...
Top right: Ham, snow peas and bread and butter pickle salad.
Bottom right: Sweet potatoes and corn. This was almost like eating dessert!

Left: Teriyaki beef on a bed of lettuce with rice. I like to put a barrier between the beef and rice, as I'm hoping the lettuce will capture most of the juice/sauce and doesn't get absorbed into the rice overnight. When I am ready to eat, I poke heaps of holes in the lettuce and let the sauce drain onto the rice.
Top right: Chinese banana cake
Bottom right: Wokabok and garlic chives tossed in teriyaki sauce

Left: Udon noodle soup - I kept the soup seperate to avoid the udons going mushy. I added a heap of seaweed into my soup as well. I make a mean kick arse udon noodle soup!
Top right: Teriyaki chicken and a bear egg (Not sure if you can see the bear face)
Bottom right: Blanched wongabok

This bento was designed to be a deconstructions udon noodle soup. I basically nuked everything up and chucked it into the soup (with the exception of my boiled egg of course).

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