Sunday, November 2, 2008

Good Food Month round up

Well, my involvement with the Good Food Month has been a bit dismal this year. In between the country trip, work, rain and my parents being away on holiday, I didn't get much chance to do anything. I didn't even make it to a single sugar hit or even the night noodle markets! I did manage to go to two Lets Do Lunches. I would've gone to a third had I not had my trip away, so I ended up giving my seat away to a friend.


We went to Becasse last year and had a fantastic time. This year however, it seems that the menu they offered this year is almost identical to last years.

Tuna consommé jelly amuse bouche

Slow roast Provencal lamb with spring vegetables, olive and herb vinaigrette

I was quite disappointed with this dish. The lamb, even though it was pink, was quite tough. There were bits of fat and tendon that kind of ruined this dish. Infact, the whole Bécasse experience wasn't as good as last year. We got a choice of entree and dessert last year with complimentry bread rolls. This year, no rolls, no choice for entree or dessert. The bill came at the same time our coffees were delivered. To say we were rushed is an understatement. I understand that they had 2 seatings, but that was not the way to get us out of there.


This is my first time to Aria, so I was really excited to go. We got a perfect sunny day with clear blue skies teamed with a table with a gorgeous view.

Roast barramundi fillet with gamberetti, pea and zucchini risotto

The barramundi was roasted to perfection. Crispy skin and moist flakey flesh. The gamberetti was deep fried until crispy and lightly salt and peppered. The pea and zucchini risotto was light and tasted of spring. This was absolutely delicious! Even the non-fish liker in our group enjoyed it.

Truffled potato mash

OH MY GOD. This is the most AMAZING mashed potatoes I've ever had in my life. EVER. It was smooth and creamy, giving it a light texture. Yet the copious amounts of butter and oil added to the mashed said otherwise. I could feel my arteries clogging up with every bite, but I could not stop eating it. I'm pretty sure I enjoyed this more than the main. Actually, I would've been happy to eat just the mash and nothing else. Of course, I'll need a lift to the nearest hospital afterwards.

Salad of witlof, Roquefort cheese, walnuts and pear

I had a horrible experience with witlof a while ago. I've never had something so bitter in my life! I'm talking about B-I-T-T-E-R. My parents, who love eating bitter melon, could not spit the witlof out fast enough. However, I was still eager to try this salad out. I assumed that if it was THAT bitter, they wouldn't sell it in a restaurant like Aria. And I was right! The witlof did have a slight bitterness to it, but it also had a sweetness to it. The roquefort cheese was creamy, and that went really well with the crunchy walnuts, that had been coated lightly with toffee and the fresh pears and poached pear slices.

Everything we had at Aria was fantastic. We kept debating over what was the best dish. The main, the potatoes or the salad? The service was fantastic, especially since we also had a 1 hour slot like Bécasse, but we never once felt rushed. We're definitely coming back next year.

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