Saturday, November 1, 2008

Norton St Festival and Killer Joe

Will and I have a thing about markets. We love them! So when we found out that the Norton St festival was on last Sunday, we definitely made time to go together. Will had to do some promo work, so I left him to it as I did a lap of the festival and look for food:

Barilla pasta table

Seafood stall

Mixed seafood plate - Lovely tender octopus, calamari and prawns

Some of the best olives on sale - Will bought 1.5kg

We did another lap of the festival before heading off to Surry Hills as we had tickets to Killer Joe. The minute I read the synopsis I knew it was PERFECT for the 2 of us. And it was! The production was fantastic, dark, yet funny (for the sick minded 2 of us). The show was so intense there were scenes where I felt so uncomfortable watching it, but I couldn't turn away! The full frontal nudity scenes might have something to do with it! And I love the fact that is in small intimate theatres, you really feel a part of the action. I'm so glad we went, as we now have something else to obsess about!

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