Monday, July 3, 2006

Heart clogging

Ok....I thought I've seen it all. First there was the deep fried mars bar. Not too hard to accept I'll be like a tim tam bomb...only fried...mars bar-ish. Then there was the deep fried Twinkie. Ok...getting close to a deep fried ice cream.....I can kinda accept that.....Then someone came up with the KKs burger. A fatty greasy artery clogging burger served between a KK donut. I *guess* you can *kind off* see it like dipping french fries into a chocolate sunday (Hey don't knock it til you've tried it!). Somehow, salty fries go well with the sweet chocolate topping. But this......this monstrosity is....I have no words. What would possessed someone to sandwich extra fatty bacon between two extra fatty quarter pounders and then deep frying the heart attack in a bun rolled in batter?????

Fine, if thats the direction society is heading towards, I propose the following. A king sized mars bar sandwiched between two blocks of cheese, wrapped in bacon, wrapped in chicken skin, wrapped in pork skin, dipped in batter and deep fried then served with crunchy bacon bits, melted cheese, fries covered in bacon bits and melted cheese, all drenched in head to toe with mayonnaise and cheese sauce. Now THATS a meal. (And whats the bet that something like that actually exists somewhere in America?)

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