Saturday, July 15, 2006

Rossini @ Australia Square

*SiGH* I have to go through this every weekend. Its a Saturday and I haven't had my daily cup of Rossini's coffee yet. I hate how I have a daily ritual that isn't daily. 5 days a week I would start my day with an aromatic cup of coffee made by the gang at Rossinis. Come saturday, I'm a blubbering mess in the morning without my coffee......I could easily go to another cafe around my place...but its just not the same. Theres no friendly greetings, theres no one who remembers my order and makes it for me before I even get a chance to order. And theres no rows and rows of fresh pastries and cookies tempting you whilst you line up. I've been eyeing their Snail for the past year...and I've resisted all temptations to order one until some time this week......

The snail....perfect accompaniment to my skim Latte

MmMMMmmm sweet sticky Snail pastries filled with plump juicy sultanans. Why it took me this long to order it is beyond me! The snail isn't as soft and flakey as a crossiant like some places, but then its also not as oily as some other places. And it was definately filling and satisfying!!! Thank you Rossini!

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