Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Winter comfort food

Well, theres been quite a break since my last cooking sessions. Every week its either been going out with friends, busy with class or getting ready for the world cup. Now that things have kind of died down a bit (Yeh right), I started cooking again. Nothing beats homemade winter comfort food:

Hearty smokey Bacon, brocolli and potatoe soup

Spicy Chorizo and mushroom pasta

On another note, I signed up for competitive Volleyball.....the only problem is that I haven't played since high school. We had our first game last night......and we did relatively well considering I had 2mins to train, and a 30sec run down on the updated rules. We played 4 1/2 sets, and we lost 4 1/2 sets. But we almost won the last set! 3 - 4. Not too bad aye? Too bad our other scores were along the lines of 4 - 25. But for one of the sets, we did hit double digits! 10-25! Woohoo!!

Alright, most of you guys are probably rolling your eyes going "losers". Well, considering only 3 out of our 8 team mates has played before, the rest of us haven't touched a Volleyball since high school! Me and vicks had see-through uniforms whilst some of the other people didn't even have a uniform! hehehehe But we definately improved, now if we can just fit a few training sessions in, I'm sure we might be able to win a game eventually! SHARK BAIT!! WUHAHA!


Ayako1984 said...

ARGH...I miss playing volleyball! Haha used to play everyday in high school. Can we go and play some time? =P

petals said...

i'll come and cheer!!!

find out the times and i'll come to watch an early match.

Victoria A said...

Our official Sharkbait uniform's gonna rock!!!! hahehahe :D

SoRMuiJAi said...

hhahah wait til we improve! SHARKBAIT! WUHAHA!

petals said...

orange and white streamer pompoms!

vicki, can you paint my nails too?