Monday, February 8, 2010

Indochine Cafe - St James Arcade

One of the things I don't like about working in the CBD is that its always so crowded. Come lunchtime, people come pouring out of every building all wanting to eat at the same time. The foodcourts are always packed, making it impossible to have a relaxed lunch to catch up with friends. You also don't want to have to go to a restaurant and pay $30 for a meal when most of the time it takes 20mins for the food to come out.

My friend had stumbled upon Indochine ages ago, and suggested we go there and see if we can find a seat. Because of the location, the restaurant wasn't that full. We were able to get a seat away from the big tables giving us more privacy to catch up. Indochine, despite the name, serves Vietnamese food. The price is more than you'll pay at your standard Vietnamese restaurant, but you also get more service than you normally expect.

Bun thang
Combination shredded chicken, pork & egg with rice vermicelli soup - $14.90

My friend wasn't feeling well, and opted for a lighter noodle soup. The clear light broth was exactly what she needed and wanted. That is, until she tried my bowl!

Bun bo hue
Special spicy beef vermicelli soup - $14.90

Basically a spicy beef noodle soup. Generous slices of beef, noodles and herbs sitting in a spicy aromatic broth. Now my friend was getting food envy! hehe Her bowl tasted bland in comparison, so she had to spice it up with a bit of chilli and other sauces. Kinda defeated the whole light soup to calm the stomach theory.

The food at Indochine was nice, not spectacular compared to some of the other cheap no nonsense Vietnamese restaurants you find around Sydney. However, its also one of the very few places in the city I can think of that is suitable for a Business lunch and has the ability to seat a big group of people. Its also spacious and quiet enough to allow a few friends to catch up without people hovering around you waiting for your seat.

Indochine Cafe
St James Arcade
Level Ground, Shop 14, 111 Elizabeth Street St
Sydney NSW 2000

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Simon Leong said...

that's very true about the available seating. it's a bit of a seating haven and much nicer than battling for seats in the city food courts. it's a shame their pho doesn't match other cheaper places around town. i find it a bit on the expensive side for bland pho.

SoRMuiJAi said...

Its such a shame that its so hard to find a place you can hang out with friends at lunch time :( Even the places you can get a seat, everyone crowds there making it hard to even hear each other talk! Beggars can't be choosers I guess. *sigh*