Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thai No. 1 Ashfield - Revisited

We were so impressed by the Thai No.1 food during our last visit, that we had to schedule another pig out. Being summer this time round, they opened the entire front wall to let in the fresh summer night air. There is also a court yard if you want to sit alfresco or just need the extra tables for a large party.

We were both starving and decided to be greedy and order 3 dishes. I knew this would spell trouble because whenever I have curry, I also have heaps of rice. HEAPS. I'm the type that would be content with a big bowl of rice and ladels of curry sauce all over it. I don't need any meat or veggies on it, just the curry sauce.

Massaman Beef

This time round, we had to order another serve of the Massaman Beef. Flakey melting hunks of beef swimming in a creamy curry and soft potatoes. Add in a handful of crunchy peanuts and I'm in heaven.

Chicken Cashew Nut

My must have at any Thai restaurant....Chicken Cashew Nut. I can't believe how many years went by with me refusing to order this dish. For some reason, I imagine the dish to be like the Cantonese version. Chicken and veggie stir fry with soy and oyster sauce, then a handful of nuts thrown ontop. "I can cook that at home!" Thank goodness I eventually tried it and have fallen in love with the dish ever since then. I no longer use a Pad Thai to judge a Thai Restaurant. This is my benchmark dish and Thai No.1 does a fantastic version.

We wanted to try a new dish and ordered a Penang Chicken. For some reason I thought the dish would have less curry sauce than this. This was going to be a problem. Two types of curry competing for stomach space! Luckily this curry is much thicker and spicer than the Massaman Beef, meaning I couldn't eat as much sauce + rice as I normally could! More space for everything else instead of filling up on rice! hehe

Thai No 1
12 Charlotte Street
(Ph) 02 9797 7900

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